Video: Amanda Keller flashes her bust just in search of lipstick shade that perfectly matches her NIPPLES


Amanda Keller went in search of the perfect lipstick shade this week and it led to the radio host flashing her breasts in an Oxford Street, Sydney store.

The 55-year-old was inspired by an episode of American daytime talk show The Doctors, in which host and physician Dr. Travis Stork proclaimed that the perfect shade can be found by finding a lipstick that matches your nipples. And so Amanda intrepidly headed to the Lip Lab in Paddington, a boutique which specialises in mixing custom lipstick colours, and flashed the attendant. Other women had gone into Lip Lab to create shades based on their nipples, but usually just described the colour, Amanda was told.

Her resulting shade, which the radio host dubbed ‘Lipple,’ is a pale pink she described as paler than she would normally wear. Earlier this month, Dr. Travis Stork reignited the trend on an episode of The Doctors, revealing ‘nature knows best’ when it comes to what will complement your skin tone. Dr. Stork chooses a caramel shade from a tray of lipsticks before peeking down into his sweater to compare.

Unsurprisingly, when he swipes the lipstick onto his mouth with the ‘nipple’ inspired shade, it’s a highly accurate match. Matching your lipstick to what Mother Nature gave you is not an entirely new concept.

Back in 2015, now-defunct beauty blog xoVain tested the idea on a variety of different women.

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