Tips on what will spoil your sex life in a serious relationship


Here are five things to watch out for, because they are the likeliest to wreck your sex life.

In the early days of a relationship/marriage when the pleasurable possibilities of sex are first discovered, a couple would likely not be able to keep their hands off each other. But as time goes on, things often change.
For many people who have been together for a considerably long period, no longer would the need to do it be passionately pursued as they once did, and things that used to get pushed to the side so as to make sex happen would rather be done several times over before sex is even considered.

When couples intentionally put wedges between them and the pursuit of sexual satisfaction with their partners, it could be because of a lack of great sexual experiences, and of course that begs for a need to revive that dying sexual connection.

And in that case, each partner needs to communicate openly and allow the red embers of passion to burn bright again in their relationship.

But for couples who are yet to get there, here are five things to watch out for, because they are the likeliest to wreck your sex life

1. Children
Oh, of course! The kids, too, will likely come between you, your partner and that lovely sexual energy brimming in your relationship before the kids came into the picture.

For many couples, this is one of the biggest interference they find to push aside the most; and there’s a likelihood that your relationship will get to this point, too.

2. Work
Soon enough, work will threaten to come to the fore of your mind and sex pushed far, far behind. The race for promotions, to catch that contract and all other work-related stuff will seem more important than pursuing sexual gratification or paying attention to your partner’s need for it.

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3. House chores
With little kids and busy schedules and family obligations which many young couples always have to juggle at the same time, it’d be unsurprising if most of your spare time is spent of clearing the mess made by the kids, and doing chores you’ve been pushing aside as you rush out of the house from Monday to Friday.

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4. Sleep schedules
Whereas at the beginning of the relationship, you both didn’t mind doing it at any time of the day regardless of who was home all day and who came back late in the night, later in that your relationship, you’ll discover that if your schedules don’t fill the same time frames, nobody stays up, waiting for the other anymore.

And of course, the sex surely becomes interfered with because, let’s face it, even early morning quickies here and there won’t cut it.

5. Social media
At some point you might also become really engrossed in the use of several social media platforms that getting it on won’t be as appealing to you as following trends

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You should never let anything interfere
That these things will threaten to interfere and interrupt the sexual connection with your partner does not mean you have to allow them. You’ll need to make adjustments here and there and know when to tweak and modify things, but ensure to never let that sexual spark be doused.

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