Samsung attacks Microsoft and Google with its Flip collaboration display


Samsung is going after Google and Microsoft with a new display that’s supposed to help people work together. The Flip is a digital whiteboard that’s supposed to connect to a wide variety of different devices and provide users with a collaboration space that they can use to discuss and share ideas.

It’s similar to the Microsoft Surface Hub and Google Jamboard, which are both large displays that are designed to serve similar purposes in the workplace. All three companies see a future in which large touchscreens are the centerpieces of meeting rooms, rather than projectors, televisions or old-fashioned whiteboards.

What sets the Flip apart from its competitors is that its screen is mounted on a rotating hinge that lets users turn the display 90 degrees into either a horizontal or vertical orientation, for optimal presentation of the information being shown through it.

The Flip will connect to other Samsung devices, allowing people to project their phones to the display and control the contents of a smartphone by tapping the larger screen. It also has an HDMI input that will let people connect computer software collaboration.

Details about the device’s availability and price are still unavailable.

Today’s launch was a part of Samsung’s First Look event at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The company showed off a smorgasbord of different displays, including a massive 147-inch television called The Wall, and new 8K displays that use artificial intelligence to upscale lower resolution content.


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