NNDC: Buhari Hailed By Community For Appointment Of Kinsman


The people of Obibor Asa community in Ukwa West council area of Abia state have given kudos to President Muhammadu Buhari for making their son Chief Nwogu Nnah Nwogu a commissioner on the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) board.

The people also expressed their thanks to Chief Ikechi Emenike for making it possible for their son to be nominated and presented to Mr President for appointment as NDDC commissioner.

Speaking at Umukabia Ohuhu in Umuahia North council area of the state, the country home of Emenike during a thank you visit to him, the leader of the group, Mr Chinwe Uruakpa, an engineer, said that the present administration has wiped away their tears with the gesture.

Uruakpa said that what President Buhari has done by appointing their son as one of the NDDC commissioners has put a stop to the suffering of their people which has been going on for several years.

He explained that God in his mysterious ways used a man who they do not know (Chief Emenike) to make it possible for them to smile again, stressing that this man from nowhere decided to project their son despite all odds.

The Obibor Asa leader said, “It is on that note that the entire people of Obibor Asa community left their homes to thank Chief Emenike for what God has used him to do for us even no one expected our so Nwogu to be the nominee”.

“There were several people with better academic qualifications and the financial muscle who were lobbying for the position but you told us that you did not spend any money to place our son where he is right now”.

“This wonderful gesture of yours has shown us that you love the people of Asa area of the state and we want to assure you that this good deed that you have done for us will not be forgotten and we will pay you back when the time and need arise” .

In his own speech Anselm Eletuo the youth leader of the community said that they came to thank him for making the change mantra of the APC to come to their place when no one has ever remembered them in the scheme of things in the state.

Eletuo said, “Sir if not for God using a person like you we would still be where we have been all these years as nobody would have remembered our place and son for such an appointment”.

“We want to assure you of our total support in any endeavour you would want to venture into in future and also assure President Buhari of the support of our people at all times, we urged you to tell him not to relent in doing good for the people of the country”.

“We had always insisted that the NDDC commissioner comes from our place as we produce 90% of the crude oil that makes the state to be a member of the NDDC states, yet we have never been reckoned with in the scheme of things in the state”.

Responding, Emenike said that it is special blessing from God that when you go to a community one will be able to see good people like Nwogu who everyone will accept when an opportunity like this comes up.

Emenike thanked the people for coming to appreciate his little effort in ensuring that their son is appointed into the board of NDDC, “But I would rather you thank and appreciate President Buhari who made it possible as I was only the facilitator and not the one who appointed him”.

He reminded them that the law that established NDDC made it clear that appointments into their board should come from the oil producing community and not anybody from outside such community.

The Abia APC leader said that Nwogu who is now a member of the NDDC board from the state deserved the appointment and that when the appointment issue came up that people Nwogu never believed that he would be nominated not to talk about appointing him.

Emenike noted that during the lobbying time that many people who were not from the oil producing community, “Were brought to me to be presented to Mr President for the appointment, but I insisted that NDDC board member must come from Asa community”.

He said, “When Nwogu came with a Prof to present to me I ask him why can’t he

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