List of foods that are harmful to your memory


Whatever you eat affects both your physical fitness as well as your mental health. Some of the foods we eat end up affecting our brain and we slowly start losing it and could finally lead to Alzheimer.

What follows is a list of foods that can dangerously affect your memory;

1. Soy

Soy contains high levels of salt and sodium (stylecraze)

In whatever form, soy contains high rates of salt and sodium that can be really harmful to your brain. The high amounts of salt also leads to hypertension thus restricting the flow of blood to the brain which in return leads to memory loss.

2. Alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol has a long-term effect on your memory. However, even moderate alcohol weakens your brain cells and could end up damaging your memory.

3. Tuna

Tuna is so rich in proteins which are healthy to your body but harmful to your memory when consumed in excess. This is because it has high levels of mercury which could lead to brain dysfunction.

4. Sugar

Did your teacher ever tell you to avoid taking sugar during exams? Large amounts of sugar inflame the hippocampus which is the brain’s memory control center. This means that the brain is not able to function normally and you may thus find yourself easily forgetting.

5. Saturated fats

A little bit of fats is healthy but the saturated ones found in dairy products and animal proteins could be harmful to your brain. Studies have showed that regular consumption of saturated foods declines the cognitive ability as well as the memory over time.

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