How can you tell if a condom is too big for you?



Despite the reality that many of us don’t actually like an enormous penis, there’s still an idea that bigger better. Which is why the realization that a condom is too big for you could be upsetting.

Unfortunately, if a condom is too big it won’t work properly, so you really do have to face up to it. If a condom is too large then there’s a very good chance that it will slip off during sex, which means a chance of getting someone pregnant or spreading or catching an STI.

Also, a too-big condom is going to reduce your sensation and make sex less pleasurable. So how do you tell if the condom is too small? According to Durex if it slips off easily, or feels baggy, it’s too big.

Experts suggest that if your penis girth is below 4.7 inches (119mm) when fully erect you should think about sizing down your condom. Remember, just because a standard condom is on the bigger side, doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your penis.

You might be slightly smaller than average, or you might just a different shape from average. Either way, most women aren’t obsessed with size, and if you’ve got a repeat customer then she’s clearly not bothered about it.

Having a condom be too small can also be an issue. An overstretched condom is likely to be uncomfortable, and may well split during sex. If in doubt, try a larger condom, but it’s worth giving it a go solo or with a partner who is on the pill (unless you want babies) when you’ve both been tested. You don’t want to start auditioning condoms by size on a one night stand.

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