Fiance Sends Wes Morgan Packing From Home After Impregnating Side Chick


Wes Morgan kicked out of house

Leicester City captain, Wes Morgan has been kicked out of his family home after his fiancee finds out that he has impregnated his mistress. Leicester City’s Wes Morgan has been kicked out of his family. The fiancee of Premier League star, Wes Morgan has kicked him out of their mansion after finding out he has a pregnant mistress.

According to an exclusive report by The Sun UK, the 33-year-old heartbroken Sheneen Fisher, had no idea until a phone caller tipped her off “out of the blue”. The Leicester City captain’s partner of 14 years and mum to his two boys was devastated. Morgan, who led the Foxes to their shock 2016 Premier League title, had spent the past three years cheating on her. Beautician, Sheneen confronted him at their £800,000 Nottingham home about heavily-pregnant mistress Karla Morrell, 27. A source told us on Sunday:

“He broke down and confessed everything. She booted him out.” 33-year-old Morgan, who grew up in Nottingham, is now living in a £350,000 apartment in the city while Sheneen remains at the family’s six-bed mansion with their sons.

On Saturday he led his side out in their home clash with current champions Chelsea, who won 2-1. Morgan is devoted to his sons and has tattoos of their names but the player’s cheating shatters his family man image. His businesswoman fiancee used to run a tanning firm called Belle Bronze.

The source who told of her anguish said:

“The call to her came out of the blue. Apparently he and this other girl have been seeing each other on and off for three years. “Sheneen doesn’t know anything about his mistress Karla other than she lives in London and was happy being his bit on the side.”

The source added:

“Whenever Wes was in London he would meet up with her while Sheneen was stuck at home.”

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