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When you’re thinking ‘How do I sell my story‘, I have photos, video and other relevant evidence, but I dont know where to start?  Don’t worry, I Paid A Bribe Naija can help you. An online news media agency in Nigeria here to make the process easy, enjoyable and rewarding!


  • All enquiries 100 per cent confidential.
  • There is no obligation until you are satisfied.
  • Highest story payments guaranteed. (Between N1000 – N10,000)
  • Fast payments direct to your bank account.
  • Our service is free to you; you don’t pay us a penny.
  • All story will be verified true and valid before publishing and payment.
  • More related and relevant photos and video gives extra credits

How it Works

Fill out the ‘eyewitness’ valuation form with a few details about your story with relevant evidence. You only need to provide a few lines stating the main points of your story. Remember, until you tell us otherwise, everything you say is completely confidential and ‘off the record’ at this stage.

If you prefer, give us a call on +23470 1990 0287, or you can email us on: so we can find out and verify a bit more about your story and what it’s worth.

Once you’ve completed the ‘eyewitness’ valuation form with a few details about your story, or called our team, one of our trained and friendly writers will get back to you with a valuation of your story (based on sales of similar stories).

Once we have an offer you’re happy with, you will let us know if there are changes you want to make to the text and other

We’ll transfer your fee directly to your bank account,  Once the story has appeared on I Paid A Bribe Naija website. You can also decide to get paid every accumulatively

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