Anambrarians do not vote for motor park touts, Obigwe tells Tony Nwoye


Reacting to Dr. Tony Nwoye’s video clip and vulgar language used against Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra state, which hitherto found its way to the public domain, the National Coordinator APGA media Warriors Forum, Evang Chinedu Obigwe, on Wednesday cautioned him on the use of abusive words against Obiano and advised him to stop acting like a tout and get a campaign manifesto to sketch his prospective plans for Ndi Anambra if elected rather using unguarded utterances against Obiano, noting that Anambra people do not vote for motor park touts. Recall that Nwoye had libeled governor Obiano a thief in a video clip which according to Obigwe was unsubstantiated and should be avoided for thus the latin words ‘Bonum est faciendum et prosequendum et malum vitandum’ meaning ‘let good be done and bad things including libeling the governor avoided’.

In the words of Obigwe, “Such unguarded utterance was a proof that Tony Nwoye is uncultured, manner less and unfits to govern Anambra State. “His spurious and unsubstantiated allegation against Governor Obiano was aimed to tarnish the reputation of the governor and perhaps to curry undeserved political favour from Anambra electorates. “Let me tell you, speaking like a motor park tout will not help you because Anambra people do not vote for touts.” However, Obigwe equally lambasted the APC Deputy Governorship candidate, Dozie ikedife jnr, for saying that the non-performance of Obiano’s led administration will pave way for APC’s victory coming November 18th gubernatorial election as he termed such statement ‘gibberish and nonsensical’. In a press release issued to newsmen, the National Coordinator APGA Media Warriors Forum, mocked Dozie Ikedife for basing his alleged non-performance of Obiano’s administration to lack of ‘youth empowerment and the state educational negligence, adding that the governors performance in the education sector earned Anambra State the award of the best teacher in Nigeria and equally fetched the Governor the award of the best teacher friendly Governor in Nigeria under NUT. “It is only a mischievous political jobber in desperate need of cheap political point that will accuse the Governor of non performance in the education sector”, he said. Speaking further Obigwe described Dozie Ikedife as an uniformed America returnee who do not know the organogram and the political structure of his state and quizzed to know how such a person can lead the people of Anambra. He equally stated that Dozie was not aware that Governor Obiano was the only Governor in Nigeria that appointed a youth as his Special Adviser on political matters and also a youth as the Commissioner for budget and economic planning whom incidentally remained the youngest Commissioner in Nigeria.

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