82 year old woman gets her first tattoo in memory of her late husband


An 82 year old woman, June Bright from Lincolnshire has gotten her first tattoo in memory of her late husband, Derrick. According to her grand-daughter, Naomi, the idea came to her grandmother after she saw a tattoo on the wrist of her 79 year old friend. Once she saw it, she became very persistant and continued to hassle her to take her where she could get one.
June Bright met her late husband, Derrick, the name now inscribed on her wrist, when she was thirteen years old. They were childhood sweethearts and spent 53 years together before he passed away in 2001.

She originally wanted Derrick’s initials tattooed on her ring finger. However, on the day itself she decided she wasn’t going to take off her ring for the first time since her wedding, “nor would it actually come off for that matter!”
82 year old woman gets her first tattoo
Her granddaughter, Naomi, revealed that June took the pain remarkably well: “It was almost like she was just sat having a cup of tea with a friend.” The tattoo artist behind the design, Nicholas Sylvester, said it was an awesome idea and doesn’t think anyone is ever too old to get a tattoo.

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