National Assembly to resume today amidst tension


The National Assembly resumes plenary today 9th October,2018. Despite the ongoing tension amidst members about the All Progressives Congress vows to take over as the leader of the house. 

Senator Ahmed Lawan this Saturday said,

“I want Nigerians to know that the number of senators of APC in the senate remains the largest. I want to call the attention of everyone here to the fact that democracy, as defined by people, remains government of the majority, where minority will always have their say. Those who cannot remember that there was a time in this country when nine was greater than 16, I want to remind them that we have come to that point again.

Now, we have our chamber dominated and occupied by minority leaders. They remain minority leaders occupying our positions. Those who refuse to follow the part of honor and integrity by exiting; we will send them out with ignominy.

I want to assure everyone here that 2019 is going to be a walkover for Mr. President, by the grace of God. It will see APC winning more than 24 states. We will have a national assembly where vast majority of senators will be from the APC and in the House of Representatives.

We want to have a National Assembly that will, at all times, work with Mr. President, day and night, to deliver to Nigerians what we have lost over the years.

The leadership of the National Assembly has shown to us that they are not prepared to be loyal to this administration.

On Tuesday, we will be going back to the National Assembly when our recess is over. We intend to force through a lot of things and pass that budget for INEC and the security agencies for the 2019 election.

If we cannot convince them, we intend to force through the foreign plan for this administration. Some people have taken our mandate and ran away with it. We intend to fight, defend and promote the interest of this party at all cost.”

Senator Ahmed Lawan, who is the leader of the Senate, later this Saturday also reveals the plans of the ruling party, by stating in clearer words that the minority will not be allowed to rule over the majority at both chambers of the National Assembly on resumption.

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