We at People’s Trust,The Alternative Political Party,being newly registered have researched and rigorously vetted 37 Presidential aspirants from all political parties including the incumbent who has not indicated that he is fully gearing for another term. In all, we see that majority of these aspirants are the usual suspects, former Governors, former Vice Presidents, Former Military Dictators etc with huge baggage of the same old way of governance that has left our country impoverished and inching every day to the brink of disintegration. We say it is time to reverse this process. We need an intelligent leader who is completely detribalized and abreast with world best practices of leadership responsibility and responsiveness to the needs of its diverse peoples. A leader whose every action brings us closer together rather than tear us apart.

Nigeria’s democracy has come a long way from 1999; however the expectations of Nigerians have been dashed by the failure of past regimes to bring about actualization of our collective desire for Nigeria to be counted amongst the developed countries of this world. It has been an Eldorado of deceit, incompetence, corruption and broken dreams. Clearly there is a huge yearning by Nigerians for an alternative to wayo politics,genuine development and economic progress. Good and effective healthcare where Nigerians can get the kind of healthcare our political and economic leaders seek abroad. An end to the slavery of fake goods in Nigeria,A demand for free qualitative education up to the secondary school level as well as world class University education,Provision Of Pipe borne Water to every home in the 36 State Capitals and FCT,People’s Trust has 100 things that must be done in 4 years Manifesto !!! It is our CONTRACT with Nigerians.

Peoples’ Trust has identified an aspirant who checks all the boxes amongst the multitude of aspirants that in our opinion carries the quality of new leadership that Nigeria demands at this time. We want to burst the myth that there are no Nigerians of a new generation of leaders that are good enough or prepared to take over the commanding heights of our political leadership. This aspirant has always been a good representation of his generation. At age 41, he had obtained 2 masters degrees, a Phd, served as elected Hon. Member of the House of Representatives, , Distinguished Senator, and established his own private University with over 1500 students as well as two other companies employing people from every state of Nigeria. This aspirant is Datti Baba Ahmed, DBA.

Datti Baba Ahmed has built a reputation in credibility and has been known to fearlessly speak against corruption, misgovernance and societal problems; his unquestionable credentials are only matched by his firm commitment and proven ability to deliver on promises. He is a completely detribalized Nigerian as he is at home with all, regardless of religion or ethnicity.

Presently 48, DBA is a symbolic epitome of a modest, successful and exemplary life, a proof that Nigeria can have a future with such well prepared and capable Nigerians presenting themselves for leadership position.

We at People’s Trust have identified these qualities of a detribalized Nigerian, dynamic,respect for ethnic and religious diversity, good education, entrepreneurship, a volunteer spirit and constantly being on the side of the people as the essential ingredients of the kind of leadership quality Nigeria needs today. We have gauged the expectations of Nigerians at this particular moment in our evolving history and have come to the conclusion that Datti Baba Ahmed has what it takes to be that Nigerian President who will make Nigeria turn its potentials to Greatness.

Therefore we at People’s Trust are adopting Datti Baba Ahmed as our Presidential candidate regardless of his current political Party.

In our search we found out that DBA believes the Presidency is a transformative engine to promote good and supress evil for the enonomic prosperity, social security, and political stability of Nigeria .We now solemnly adopt this first eleven Northerner as our candidate for 2019 Presidential Election to achieve our desired noble objectives.

DBA is simply the champion of the new generation and the alternative to the criminal politics of the past .He will Fix Nigeria.



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