Sex tape horror for Holly Cunningham as rapist Nick Savage causes heartache


Hollyoaks fans have continued to fear for the safety of Holly Cunningham in Hollyoaks since she embarked on a relationship with Nick Savage, oblivious to the fact that he slept with Ellie Nightingale despite her not being able to give consent.
Ellie has been struggling massively since her rape ordeal and, too filled with fear and self loathing to confide in anyone, her anguish has manifested itself in violent outbursts – particularly against her oblivious partner Freddie Roscoe.
Meanwhile, despite Ellie outright confronting him over his behaviour not long ago, Nick has continued to enjoy a blossoming romance with Holly – but his unpleasant nature is about to rear its ugly head again when he puts pressure on Holly to create a sex tape with him.
When Holly discovers a video of a woman dancing provocatively on Nick’s phone, she is upset and worries that she isn’t enough for her boyfriend.
After she asks him about it, he agrees to delete the video but then suggests that she helps him make a fresh one.
Holly is deeply uncomfortable with the idea but might she agree if she fears that Nick will go off her?
As Nick puts the pressure on, Holly may be about to find herself in a situation she desperately doesn’t want – and history shows that Nick is far from respectful in this kind of scenario.

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