Jacqueline Jossa calls out the fat shamers on Twitter


We couldn’t agree more!

Jacqueline Jossa has never been shy of calling out online trolls. She previously defended Sam Faiers on Instagram after people judged her for posting a photo of herself breastfeeding baby Paul, and now she’s slammed body shamers.

Jacqueline, 24, who is known for playing Lauren Branning in EastEnders, took to Twitter over the weekend to share her thoughts on the unrealistic body standards women face, and criticise the people who push them.

She began her Twitter rant, saying: “Everywhere I look, people are talking about weight or how to lose it, feel sorry for the young girls looking up to the wrong people”

And continued: “It’s Christmas, eat what you want, the most important thing is family, and having fun.”

“We don’t have to be stick thin to be happy, this seriously upsets me, I get called fat on a regular basis, I’ve had a baby and I’m happy.”

“I’m also still a size 10-12 and don’t want to feel pressured into losing weight to please other people.”

There is so much worse going on in the world right now I’m going to embrace this Christmas, eat what I want and play games with my family.”

We’re glad we’re not the only ones who will be eating LOADS this Christmas.”

And fans seemed to relate to the soap star. One person tweeted :”Don’t my 10 yr old girl was poorly then a few days later went look how much flatter my tummy is after being sick for 3 days”

While others wrote: ” Exactly what I plan to do… used to be size 4, now I’m the happiest size 10 ever! I feel in love with food! Haha merry xmas!”

“Your tweets I can’t stop eating since I got married but I don’t stress… I like to make the most of being happy and content”

“What a stunning woman you are and what an amazing example to your daughter! You are a real role model!”

This isn’t the first time Jacqueline has opened up about her weight. She previously admitted she felt ‘a bit down’ about her post-baby body and hit back at people questioning whether she’s having another baby.

We Jacqueline’s tweets over the weekend, and think she’s a really positive role model for young girls to look up to.

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